Little Soya Gluten Free Less Sodium Soy Sauce (12 Pieces)


Less Sodium, Gluten Free, No MSG & Non-GMO
12 Soy Fish Units Per Package – Convenient Single-Use Fish-shaped Container
Tastes Less Salty And Has More Flavor than other brands

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Bummed whenever you go out for sushi or anyone restaurants while you’re on a gluten-free diet? Do you have a hard time maintaining that diet whenever you go out? There is an answer to your dilemma! The travel sized Lil Soya Gluten Free Soy Sauce bottles are exactly what you need to have your desired diet. With mini cute fish-shaped and single-serving resealable containers from Lil Soya, the striking packaging alone shows you how excellent and unique these bottles are. And the flavor may just be the best soy sauce you will taste. While they are laden with less sodium and are gluten free, they don’t have the salty aftertaste like the other soy sauces. You’d be surprised at how they have their own sweetness and smoothness. Incredibly convenient as you can take this wherever you are in your pocket. Yes, they are certified unique and exceptional soy sauce bottles. Gluten free heaven is now yours with these Lil Soya Gluten Free pocket sized Soy Sauce Bottles!