Sriracha2Go (2 Pack)


Licensed Huy Fong Foods Inc. Product
BPA Free & TSA Approved!
Flip Top, Leak Proof Cap


Listen up Sriracha lovers! Don’t settle for less whenever you go out to restaurants and your favorite hot sauce—Sriracha— is just not available. Take matters into your own hands and have this Sriracha2Go Sauce Bottles! Yes, you can finally take your hot sauce wherever you go.  With a flip top and leak-proof cap, you’re sure that not an ounce will spill or ooze out without you knowing. The stainless steel carabiner of the Sriracha gives you easy clipping so you can whip it out in just seconds. These Sriracha2GO travel sized bottles are sold empty so they are ready to be filled with your mouthwatering sauce. You can definitely refill and reuse these over and over again. These are certainly convenient with their travel size and trendy look! A game changer for Sriracha addicts. With Sriracha2GO sauce travel sized bottles, say never to bland food again.