Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce 2 oz (72 ct)



Are you looking for a way to make sure you always have access to quality barbecue sauce? Then pick up some of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce dips!

These awesome dips give you a smart little sauce pack to open up and enjoy using with as many meals as you wish. They are a good quality choice for any kind of dish that needs some kind of dipping sauce. Use this, and you should have absolutely no problem at all when it comes to enjoying your BBQ sauce cups on-the-go, through airport check-ins, and more. This bulk option also makes perfect to serve at any type of  business whether it’s a fast food establish, hospitality, AirBNB.

They make it much easier for you to enjoy your food, giving you a sweet and enjoyable BBQ sauce that goes well with just about any meat or side. A good quality choice for adding a touch of extra flavour to your next meal, making sure you are never short on an enjoyable, easy to put together meal that’s immensely satisfying.