Heinz Ketchup 2.25 oz (60 Pack)


Pack of (12) 2.25 Ounce Glass Bottles
They’re Great to Stash in Backpacks and Purses, Take on the Road when Traveling.
Classy Condiment in a Glass Bottle. Perfect Portion Control Size.


Heinz Ketchup is a sauce everyone knows and loves. It goes great with just about anything and the things it doesn’t go well with are things no ketchup would go well with. Only the finest tomatoes are put inside this bottle to ensure you get only the best flavor, from the best sauce around.

Now that bottle of great Heinz Ketchup is getting even smaller with their miniature sized sauce bottles. In fact it’s just over two ounces, but that’s not a bad thing. This is a handy sized little travel bottle of the sauce that is best to take on the go at a very affordable price. You can take the sweet flavour of Heinz Ketchup with you wherever you go easily and conveniently thanks to the small sized bottle. This will solve all solutions for road trips, the office, and more.

Take it with you on holiday, or just give it to your friends so they can sample the mini Ketchup sauce bottle for themselves. There’s no need to be without your favourite sauce, so pick up a travel sized bottle and enjoy Heinz Ketchup conveniently today.