Heinz Mayonnaise Mini 1.8 oz (60 Pack)


Perfect Miniature Size for Travel, Picnic, Camping, Barbecue and Parties.
Fresh From the Manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Absolutely Adorable and Cute Glass Bottles. Quite the Conversation Starter.


Heinz Mayonnaise in bottle is a 1.8 fl oz mayonnaise sold in a glass bottle of a convenient size ideal for travel, especially to people who are always on the go. For those who have a knack for mayonnaise and loves it yummy, creamy taste, then Heinz Mayo is just perfect for you. Made from fresh and finest ingredients of soybean oil, whole eggs, egg yolks, distilled white vinegar, salt, sugar, water, mustard flour, lemon juice concentrate, onion powder, natural flavor and calcium disodium edta for protection of flavor, this mayonnaise is wonder in a mini sized bottle similar to this one.

This pocket sized bottle mayo by Heinz is made to help you in making everyday meals to be something that is rich, creamy and real tasty. It will provide you with sensational taste and it is the perfect pair for your chicken, sandwich, salad or any of your favorite food that is on the go. Being in a relatively small bottle, it makes it easy for you to bring it anywhere you are even on the airplane, in your car, and even in your purse. This way, you can have the taste that you want even when you are out of out of the country.