Heinz Salsa and Dip To-Go Cups 2 oz (60 Pack)



Nothing beats a good pack of hot salsa sauce when you are trying to enjoy your favorite dish and need to spice things up. You might think a single dip packet is not enough, so here are 60 of these Heinz Salsa and Dip to-go cups. These cups of Heinz salsa are meant to be thoroughly enjoyed as a topping for various foods. They are mild hot which is perfect.

Some of the benefits of buying this 60-pack product are:

  • Because there are 60 Heinz Salsa and Dip cups, you don’t need to worry about them expiring any time soon. If you need to consume the sauce, open one packet and the other ones are still preserved.
  • Heinz has one of the best tastes when it comes to dips. Many big restaurants even offer Heinz sauces as additives on food.
  • These little sauce and dips can be taken anywhere, even inside your lunch box without mixing the taste and smell.
  • The Heinz Salsa and Dip cups is perfect for wholesale options for your restaurant, food establish, and more places

Heinz is a brand of extreme quality and you should expect restaurant-quality taste. The portion is pretty good also. There are no extra fats which makes it healthy to have. So, if you want a good snack, you must go for bulk To-Go Cups of Heinz Salsa Sauce & Dip.