Ken’s Tartar Sauce Cups .75oz (100 ct)



Elevate your seafood experience with Ken’s Tartar Sauce Cups, now available in a convenient bulk pack. Each .75oz cup is perfectly portioned to add just the right amount of creamy, tangy flavor to your favorite seafood dishes. Whether you’re serving up fish and chips, crab cakes, or shrimp, Ken’s Tartar Sauce enhances every bite with its rich, classic taste.

Crafted with high-quality ingredients, Ken’s Tartar Sauce delivers a perfect balance of flavors that seafood lovers crave. The convenient, travel-friendly cups are ideal for picnics, parties, and on-the-go meals, ensuring you can enjoy the delicious taste of Ken’s Tartar Sauce anytime, anywhere. With many individual cups in each pack, you’ll have plenty to share with family and friends, making it a must-have for any seafood feast.

Stock up on Ken’s Tartar Sauce Cups and take your seafood dishes to the next level. Perfect for restaurants, caterers, or home use, these handy cups provide a mess-free and delicious way to enjoy your favorite sauce. Treat your taste buds to the creamy, tangy goodness of Ken’s Tartar Sauce today!