Kraft Cocktail Sauce Cups 2oz (200 ct)



What’s better than a tasty plate of shrimp or some yummy chicken nuggets?

A tasty plate of shrimp and nuggets and some delicious individual sized Kraft Cocktail Sauce cups, of course! Bringing together the right mix of paprika, tomato sauce, horseradish, garlic, and many other household favorites, this Cocktail Sauce travel sized cups is the perfect thing to accompany a barbecue with friends, or even just some deep-fried treats on your cheat day!

What’s even better is that each ingredient comes from a sustainable farming project. You’re not simply enjoying a plate of delicious french fried dipped in your favorite sauce, but also supporting the environment, as well as the local farming industry – how neat is that?

And with our 200-strong pack at a (frankly) unbeatable price, you’re getting yourself a great deal that is also perfect for bulk wholesale options. This stuff will last you, even if you are a cocktail sauce junkie – and hey, who could blame you if you were?