Kraft Creamy Tartar Sauce (200 Packets)



This Kraft Tartar Sauce comes in individual serving cups. They are 0.75-Ounce Cups and they come in packs of 200.

This is a great product for parties; it eliminates everyone having to dip from the same large cup, as well as ensures that everyone at the party gets the adequate amount of sauce. This product is also great for the home, having small cups may come in handy when you are on the move, you can just take one and go, no more procuring sauce in a container to take it with you, having them individually packaged takes away all of the hassle.

People love this tartar sauce because of its ease of use, it is very easy to be stored and retrieved whenever you need them, making it an especially great product for persons who are older in age or for those who are always on the move. Having individually wrapped tartar sauces, just like in a restaurant can add an air of sophistication to your events, making it appear as though it was very well planned!