Kraft Honey Dijon Sauce Cups 1oz (100 ct)



Make those tasteless cinema popcorns and nachos delicious with the pocket size Honey Dijon from Heinz.

Honey Dijon is a type of mustard that has always been used to improve the tastes of foods. This sauce has the best of Honey Dijon flavor, all extracted from natural crops without any synthetic additives. The great thing about this thing is the packing size. You can carry it in your pocket, and whenever you get snacks that don’t taste good, you can make them great using the sauce.
The product has been developed with the minimum amount of preservatives and other agents that might spoil the flavor of the sauce. You’ll get the real taste and the best quality. You can use it on everything from a steak to a pack of fried potatoes or even McDonald’s fries and significantly improve the taste.

Travel Size Bulk Heinz Honey Dijon is a great sauce choice because:

  • It is the perfect on-the-go solution to improve the taste of salads, snacks, and any other edible.
  • It is convenient to carry around, and you can keep it in your pocket on in your car’s glove box so that it is available all the time.
  • It has the authentic Honey Dijon mustard flavor that everyone loves.
  • Buying in bulk can give you discounts for your restaurant or hospitality business