Kraft Tartar Sauce Cups .75oz (200 ct)



Looking for the perfect dip and sauce for your favorite seafood dish? An all-time favorite from a household brand, this Kraft Creamy Tartar comes in individual packs worth 200 cup packets. This tangy mayo sauce will enhance the flavor of your fish fillet and chips or any entrée options in celebrations such as chicken, shrimp, or dory.

Perfect for parties, local businesses, or travel getaways, this pack eliminates the need for the serving sauce in one dipping from the same tray. Everyone gets a chance to savor their creamy sauce with their favorite food.


  • Ready-to-use creamy tartar for that celebration or getaway
  • Comes in 200 packets
  • The perfect dip for your seafood menu

Product specifications:

  • The net worth of 21 g
  • 200 cup packets ready to go
  • Overall box weight at 11 lbs.

Easy use and easily stored, it’s a great sauce product when you’re running late for a dinner gathering or simply at work. Just simply grab your packet and dip on! Whether you’re making deviled eggs, garlic shrimps, fish fillet, or fried clams, there’s always a tartar sauce worth pairing, and – this might just be it.