McDonald’s Hot Mustard Sauce Cups (60 ct)



Introducing the McDonald’s Hot Mustard Sauce Cups – the perfect pairing for your favorite McNuggets, fries, and more! Elevate your dining experience with the bold and zesty flavor of our iconic Hot Mustard sauce, now available in convenient, single-serving cups. Tuck a few into your lunchbox, keep some in the car, or have them handy for quick snacks – because great taste should never be far away. Experience the classic taste of McDonald’s Hot Mustard sauce that make every meal, snack, or gathering extra special. Whether you’re a McNuggets aficionado, a McChicken enthusiast, or a fan of our classic fries, our Hot Mustard sauce cups are the ideal accompaniment. Add a zesty kick to your meal, or use it as a dipping sauce for veggies, burgers, and more. Elevate your dipping game with the bold and zesty flavor that has been loved by McDonald’s fans for generations. Don’t wait – stock up on McDonald’s Hot Mustard sauce cups today and enjoy the unmistakable taste of the Golden Arches at your fingertips!