Frank’s Red Hot Original Sauce (200 Packets)


Pack of two hundred, 7-gram pouches (total of 1400-grams)
Made with a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers
Adds a kick of heat and a whole lot of flavor


Who does not like making sure they add their favorite sauce to their dishes? Franks Hot Sauce Travel Sized packets is the perfect meal complement and dressing that could make your meals the best tasting on the go. Comes in well-sealed miniature sizes packet that preserves it freshness and gives it a unique identity. Each Franks Hot Sauce packet is 7 grams making it perfect to pass through the airport and fit easily in your pocket. Your preparation will not be complete without Franks Hot Sauce to spice your big day and enliven your guests. It is not just for meal only; it is also a perfect gift item. The 7 grams of delicious flavor will unsure you not only enjoy your meal, but also leave you with a lasting satisfactory taste.