Melinda’s Habanero Mango Sauce 5 oz (3 Pack)


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The mini sized Melinda’s Original Habanero Mango Sauce 5oz bottle is a very popular pepper sauce widely known for its unique taste and aroma. This product is awesomely delicious and is a sweet sauce that is not too spicy which makes it the perfect habanero mango sauce to take with you on the go.
The Melinda’s Original Habanero Mango Sauce 5oz bottle comes with an exceptional taste of fresh mango duly combined with the irresistible aroma of the habanero. This makes it one of the best pepper sauces available to markets today. There is no limit to what you can use it for as it can be useful for basting, salad garnishing or marinades wherever and whenever because of its miniature travel size.