A-1 Steak Sauce 2oz (60 Pack)



If you love having parties, barbecues, or picnics, you most likely need a steak sauce readily available. And the brand A-1 has the best suggestion for you: a pack of 12 miniature bottles with the tastiest steak sauce! We recommend this small bottle pack because of the following characteristics. First of all, steak sauce comes in 2 Oz glass bottles, which will better preserve the taste and flavor. These mini steak sauce bottles are also excellent to keep in bags or backpacks when you’re traveling. And, of course, thanks to the qualitative ingredients and storing materials, the sauce has an extensive expiration date when compared with similar packets.

Another benefit of getting this mini bulk steak sauce bottle is that it is incredibly stylish. And, of course, it will get you better control over the serving. You won’t risk consuming too much and harm your health! So, if you’re planning a home party, picnic, barbecue, or anything similar, make sure you bring your mini steak sauce bottle with you!

This steak sauce has an authentic flavor and can be the key ingredient for almost any dish. It was designed with tomato puree, which is why it has an excellent taste. A great way for hotel owners, food establishment management, and more businesses to order in bulk wholesale options as well.