Heinz Hot Taco Sauce (200 Packets)


Delicious taco sauce to liven up your favorite Mexican dishes
Single-serve packets great for taking on the go
Gives your food the extra spicy kick you’re looking for


Looking to pick up some great taco sauce for your restaurant or just for your home? Then you can get this excellent bulk number of 500 Heinz Hot Taco Sauce packages! This delicious taco sauce is the perfect solution to make a dish come to life and taste better than ever before. It also helps by giving you a single-serve packet which is brilliant for taking on the go with you.

The Heinz taco sauce packets designed for easy use so that you can use it when you’re out and about or so that you can use it at home. This adds a nice kick to your food whilst also making sure you are using a fully verified USA product. Best of all, these Heinz Hot Taco Sauce packets are 100% kosher certified so you can be sure that what you are using is going to be perfectly suitable for just about everyone!