Taco Bell Fire Sauce 7.5 oz (2 Pack)


Taco Bell Fire Sauce 7.5oz Bottles
Pack of 2


If you love Taco Bell fire sauce chances are that when you visit the Bell you ask for and even sneak a few extra packets of this sauce to use at home. Now you don’t have to because Taco Bell Fire sauce comes in a handy travel size container that you can purchase and use any time that you would like. Not only is this sauce great on tacos, but it can add spice to casseroles, soups, chicken, steaks and even vegetables.
Made with Jalapeno peppers, Jalapeno pepper puree and chili peppers as well as other great tasting ingredients and spices the Taco Bell fire sauce mini sized bottle has just the right blend of heat and flavor to add a bit of excitement and spice to a wide variety of dishes.< These handy little bottles can be used at home, when traveling, and perfect for taking along to those community dinners and picnics when you want to spice up communal dishes a little. This small bottle will fit perfectly in that brief case or purse and is just the right size to keep in that small office refrigerator