Taco Bell Original Hot Sauce 7.5 oz (2 Pack)


Taco Bell Hot Restaurant Sauce 7.5 Oz Bottle.
Pack of 2.


Just like the stuff you get at the restaurant. No more saving Taco Bell Original Hot Sauce packets up in your fridge. Now you have the convenience of your own Taco Bell Original Hot Sauce bottle! Pour on all you want without having the thought of needing to ask for more Taco Bell sauce packets.  This serving of hot sauce dared to dream outside the packet. Previously, only Taco Bell’s Hot Restaurant Sauce was available for purchase and which usually took 35 packets to refill your store bought bottle. Now, however, the real deal Taco Bell Original Hot Sauce is available to use in excess, without the guilt of pilfering one too many packets. Each bottle contains 7.5 ounce of Hot Sauce available in a pack of 2 bottles. So this is not airport friendly, but still a great companion to take on the road. Go bold at home or on the road with Taco Bell’s restaurant Original Hot Sauce in a bottle.